Chapel Hill Engagement Photographer | Hollis and Rolando

Chapel Hill Engagement Photographer

This is such a sweet love story! Hollis and Rolando met at the beginning of their junior year at UNC…but not because they shared the same classes. They’d both landed part time jobs at a local toy store! A fun and light friendship developed. Then, in the final semester of their senior year, they shared a film class. For the next five months, they enjoyed movie ‘dates’ twice weekly, in a classroom with 200 other people! And when it came time to choose partners for their final project, they signed up together and created an homage to The Graduate! Two weeks later, they were out on their first official date…and have been together ever since! It’s been 8 years! So wonderful!
Our recent engagement session took place on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, the perfect shooting location for this kind and loving couple. The morning was cool, with the most beautiful lighting…it truly felt like the first day of Fall! Several times during our session I heard them saying ‘I love you’ to one another. It’s clear how deep their connection is, and how much joy they take in one another. A beautiful thing to witness!
I have to mention their kitty babies! As many of you know, I am a dog person big time, but I loved hearing about Barnaby Jones (the grey striped guy they found on Craigslist) and Lucille Austero Jones, whom Rolando found on the street in Charlotte! It wasn’t surprising to learn that they’d saved Lucille from a bad situation…it’s clear that Hollis and Rolando’s hearts are very big. I feel grateful to know them, and am so looking forward to next Fall…when they become husband and wife! Below it is a senak peek of their lovely engagement session. Chapel Hill Engagement PhotographerChapel Hill Engagement Photographer

Chapel Hill Engagement Photographer



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