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Long distance relationships are definitely not for everyone. You have to have a super-positive outlook and always find a way to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But if the love two people share can stand the test of time and distance, it is truly something special. And what Annie and Mat have definitely falls into this category.
These two met in graduate school at UNC. Mat was just finishing up his masters as Annie was entering the program for chemistry, and for a few years after he graduated Mat stayed in the Chapel Hill area, working and searching for a good job (he’s in the medical field). When he eventually found it…it was in Canada (Mat is Canadian)! But because this couple is so loving and unconditionally supportive of one another, they’ve made it work long distance for nearly four years. During that time, Annie was offered her own dream job in East Tennessee and of course Mat encouraged her to follow her heart and take it. And now the stars have finally aligned: Mat recently found out he landed a residency in the same location! I am so happy for them that they can finally be together again…and soon as husband and wife!
Our recent engagement session took place at this gorgeous house in Afton, VA that Annie’s parents (both architects) built. This stunning property is a perfect, unique mix of modern and rustic. It’s like the beautiful scenery outside is part of the interior design too, thanks to tall glass walls that let the light and sights in. Magnificent! Though I have to admit, the biggest pleasure was getting to see Annie and Mat together. Mat drove down from Canada the day before the session, a 17 hour journey, and they were so happy to be reunited. Near the end of the session, Annie’s parents joined in for a few shots, which was very special to me. And then there was Lily! She is an absolutely adorable mutt who loves some cuddles! We were able to wrangle her for a couple of shots before she went back to exploring the area. She had her doggie priorities! Truly a wonderful time spent in the morning with a very loving couple and family. Enjoy this selection from their engagement session!

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Lily is the most adorable photo bomber, she ran in and lovely stepped on Annie’s beautiful dress! hehehehe

Charlottesville Engagement PhotographerCharlottesville Wedding Photographyengagement session with dogsCharlottesville Engagement PhotographerCharlottesville Wedding Photography

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer



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