Durham Engagement Photos | Jessica and Richard

Some romances begin suddenly, out of the blue. Others take longer to develop, or simply land in your lap when you least expect them. 🙂 Jessica and Richard began their residencies at UNC at the same time, she in anesthesiology, he in general surgery. They knew of each other, of course; they met through mutual friends that first year. And they liked each other, too…if only just to say ‘hello’.
It wasn’t until the second year of their residencies that anything really started to brew between them. And at first, Jessica spent just as much time with Richard’s family as with Richard himself! He’d asked for her phone number, hoping she could show his sister around during a visit, as he had to work. An inroad! Not long after that, Jessica found herself at brunch with Richard’s parents (again, Richard was working. Ahh, the life of a busy surgeon!). Something was definitely happening! Meanwhile, their mutual friend Sophie and Richard’s mother were busy playing matchmakers behind the scenes, calling one another to discuss relationship progress! They knew deep down that this would be a perfect fit. And finally, Jessica and Richard realized that truth as well!
The West end of Eno River in Durham was the backdrop for their recent engagement session. If you’ve never been to this part of North Carolina, I highly recommend it! And I always love meeting couples who are devoted to their pups. Richard says one of the reasons he fell in love with Jessica is because of the sensitivity she showed with her Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix Charlie. So sweet! And their pack is already growing! They recently adopted a puppy, naming her Ellie. I predict many happy hikes, canoeing and lots of love for this family of four! Below is a sneak peek of their lovely engagement session! I can’t wait for their big day in December!Durham Engagement PhotosDurham Engagement PhotosDurham Engagement PhotosDurham Engagement Photos



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