Fayetteville Engagement Photographer | Olga and Mike | Lake Rim

It was supposed to be a ski trip to celebrate Olga’s birthday…but Mike already had everything planned in his mind…he suggested that they documented the entire trip with his flip camera. On her birthday, he gave her a big box and when she opened it she found some gloves inside. She got extremely excited about it because she really needed gloves! And it is everything recorded!!! hehehehe When she tried them on, she felt something different inside…awwwww…it was a beautiful ring…he got down on his knee and proposed to her! Soooooooooooooo sweet!!! ♥♥♥

The engagement session was so full of love, kisses, hugs and laughs! I couldn’t ask for more! They are one of the most in love couples I’ve met!!! And they are fun, fun, fun!!!!!! 😀 Olga is from Russia and I adore photographing couples from different cultures!!!

Olga and Mike, thank you for letting me capture your love! I had a wonderful time with you! 🙂 I hope with my heart that you love your images!

Here is a sneak peek of their engagement session at the Lake Rim in Fayetteville!


I was standing on a bench and suddenly they started dancing!!!!! I loved it!!! 🙂

Mike painted the letters himself! Such a good job! 🙂

Olga, you are gorgeous! You will be a stunning bride!

We were talking on the day before and I told Mike “Why don’t you have a few beers before the session?” hehehehehe…it helps to relax!!! One of my past clients that I photographed 3 times said that she always gave some beers to her husband before they were photographed! hihihi And then I learned about this magical trick! I did the same with my husband when we had a photo session! 😀

It was so cool to capture a few images of Mike just relaxing and having a beer! 🙂

Hehehehe! I love it! 🙂

Every time I see the last two images I laugh! They are FUN!!!! 😀

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