Life is slowly settling down again.

Even though Michael and I prepared a lot for this moving, some days were very hard and stressful…in less then 2 months we stayed in 4 different places, flight connections were lost, important documents mistakenly packed with our household goods…and the list goes on and on. Every single day started like this “what do we have to sort it out today?”…nothing was easy, the amount of paperwork was ginourmous…and not to mention the emotional part of saying good-bye to dear friends…and not knowing if I will ever see them again…so hard to move every 3 years…some days I just felt like crawling into bed and hiding under the covers…

And then…there were the other days…the ones that we were extremely excited for a new adventure. The days with beautiful sunsets and ice cream on the porch, coffee at Barnes & Noble or watching a marathon of reality shows…oh I love reality shows! The days I met such kind people and I sat under the sun feeling grateful for being in a warmer place. And in the middle of all this craziness, a very important thing happened…we bought our first house!!!! And all the roller coaster of emotions paid of! I am so proud of Michael and I…we planned and saved so much for this day. I’m super happy to say that we are homeowners! 🙂

This was the second time I spent my birthday in the middle of a moving…and this time was super special, we got our furniture delivered on my birthday and we spent the day opening boxes, when we found the plates and silverware we stopped and sang happy birthday to me! 😀 Just the two of us, our dreams and plans for the future.

I had a client who once told me that a military change of station can make or break a couple…and I’m happy to say this is making my relationship with Michael stronger. And I feel blessed! ♥

Life is slowly settling down again.

Love, Carol.