NC Engagement | Rebecca and Sterling

Rebecca and Sterling are definitely my kind of people! They’re animal lovers, for one. And the way they met is absolutely priceless! They were still in high school when a good-natured practical joke amongst mutual friends brought them together. This joke involved 52 real live gold fish!!! I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks, but enough to say that Rebecca and Sterling just clicked. Nearly ten years on, their love just keeps growing! In fact, Sterling planned an Asheville getaway for them on a recent weekend. Their beloved Lab mix Zoey came along for the fun (go pet-friendly B&Bs!). The weekend was full of adventures, hikes, great meals. It seemed Sterling had thought of everything…right down to the ring he presented to Rebecca on their last night!
I was over the moon to shoot this engagement session for them. And I personally got to spend some time with Zoey! Rebecca describes her as an “All American Brown Dog (AKA a mut)” Ha! Whatever her heritage, Zoey is the absolute sweetest, with the softest fur! Apparently, when Sterling and Rebecca first got her there was a particular rule: Zoey was not allowed in bed, mainly because she was Sterling’s first dog and he needed to get used to her little by little. But in short order, he has fallen so in love with her that now she is the queen of the house! I totally relate, the same happened in my house with pup Ronon! Zoey’s best friend is an orange tabby named Bueller (“a sassy dog stuck in a cat’s body” according to Rebecca). Bueller, it should be noted, likes to wear Halloween costumes. Ha!
I want to mention that Rebecca honored me in such a big way. She contacted me to talk about wedding dates and to find out when I was available. Oh my gosh. To have my availability taken into consideration during wedding planning is the biggest compliment in the world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Rebecca and Sterling (and Zoey and Bueller!). I can’t wait to see you in a month! 



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