Nicole & Brad | Maternity Photo Session

You know when we do things just to make the person we love happy??? In my case, I had to watch all six Star Wars movies in one weekend!!! 🙂

Brad couldn’t say no when Nicole asked him to do a maternity-couple’s photo session with her…honestly, how can he say no to her beautiful smile and cheerful personality?!?! And he did so well during the photo session that I said to Nicole he deserved some beers! And not only a 6 pack, he deserved an entire keg! 🙂 I think I’m going to start bribing my husband with some beers, so he will do a photo session with me! 🙂

Brad, I hope this experience wasn’t too traumatic! 🙂 I had a great time with you guys!

This is Nicole and Brad! Such an adorable couple!

This is Buddy, part of the family. He is shy! 🙂



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