St. George Greek Orthodox Church | Baptism

Some moments in life seem to play out like a movie…they are so beautiful and the emotion is so strong that you can’t help but feel like you’re part of something bigger, something more important than yourself alone. Three and a half years ago I was photographing Victoria and Ben’s wedding. It was one of the biggest celebrations I’d worked on to date; I still remember how warm and exciting it felt to be in the midst of Victoria’s big Greek family when she wrangled them all with a “Let’s go! It is time to get married!” And off to the church we went!
Earlier this year, Victoria and Ben called on me for a maternity session, another huge chapter in their lives was beginning. And even more recently, they reached out again. This time, the generous couple wanted me on board for their daughter’s baptism. To journey with a family like this means everything to me. 🙂
When I arrived at their home I was met by the same familiar, smiling faces…only this time, they were also the faces of proud parents! I was with them as they prepared their baby daughter for a very important day in her life: her baptism. And as I got into my car to head to St. George Greek Orthodox Church, a new version of Victoria’s words played in my mind: “Let’s go! It is time to get baby Sia baptized!”
I always thought I loved photographing weddings. And I do, don’t get me wrong! But this day made me realize that what I really LOVE is capturing families who joyously celebrate tradition and life and love!

Seeing Victoria’s mother Zoe again was a special treat. She welcomed me warmly, and assured me that I’m part of the family! 🙂



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  • AMANDAAugust 2, 2016 - 7:44 pm

    These are absolutely beautiful Caroline!! You captured some magical moments!ReplyCancel