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Learning the stories of husbands and wives-to-be is a huge part of what I do as a wedding photographer. In fact, I think it’s essential! Hearing stories and history gives me an important window into the bride and groom’s personalities, which in turn helps guide the way I take their photos. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of working with high school sweethearts. So getting to spend time with Steph and Tim during our recent engagement session…and learning their story was wonderful!
These two are so much fun! I loved hearing that they went to prom together, and stayed close throughout their time in college. Last summer, after attending ten weddings (yes, you read that right, ten!!), Steph and Tim decided to get away to Costa Rica to celebrate some well-deserved time alone. But escaping the wedding theme just wasn’t in the cards! On their second day in Puerto Viejo, they were enjoying lunch at their beachside hotel when the waiter put down a little something extra with Steph’s plate…a ring! In short order, Tim was down on one knee and they both knew that they had at least one more wedding in their future!
They decided on White Stone, Virginia for the session location, because it’s where Steph and Tim love to spend weekends. They’ve been going there since they were both 19! I could see the true joy in their eyes, being together in a place that’s meant so much to them over the years. They make each other laugh so much and have such great chemistry, it was a delight to photograph them! Steph has an adorable and inspiring cooking blog that you should definitely check it out, it is called The Chaotic Kitchenette! Below is a sneak peek of their lovely morning engagement session!White Stone VA Wedding PhotographerWhite Stone VA Wedding PhotographerWhite Stone VA Wedding PhotographerWhite Stone VA Wedding PhotographerWhite Stone VA Wedding Photographer

White Stone VA Wedding Photographer



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